Meta-food fun

Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food

On the 21st Century Gentrification of MSG, as told in food journalism:

Katherine Sacks (2017), “4 Ways to Turn Your Next Meal Into an Umami Bomb,” Epicurious

Sarah Elton (2016), “Putting the ‘mmm’ back in MSG,” Macleans  **featuring an appearance by yours truly**

Natasha Geiling (2013), “It’s the Umami, Stupid. Why the Truth about MSG is So Easy to Swallow,” Smithsonian

John Mahoney (2013), ” The Notorious MSG‘s Unlikely Formula for Success,” Buzzfeed

Murray Whyte (2008), “The Truth About MSG,” The Star

Julia Moskin (2008), “Yes, MSG, the Secret behind the Savor,” New York Times

Also: Recommended Scholarly Reading on Eating

scienceandfood @ UCLA

Flavor Added

What is eating? 


A Visual History of Food Guides – as Told Through Butter

The Lab Rabbit

A Historian’s Take on Food & Food Politics

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